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Save money thanks to our consultants in packaging

Many companies use standard packaging without knowing they could reduce their costs and better secure their products by changing the format of the pallets or the crates they use.

packaging consultation
Crates & pallets consultation service

With a careful assessment of your merchandise and of the available loading area (in trucks, containers or planes), a packaging consultant is able to optimize your packaging solutions and to suggest improvements that could make you save a significant amount of money.

Indeed, thanks to the analysis of the product, its value, its specificities and of the chosen transport mode, a packaging expert can manufacture pallets or packaging solutions that best meet the requirements of your merchandise and that guarantee an optimal use of the space available in containers, trucks or other transport modes.

In addition, most packaging consultants use special softwares for palletization that design pallets perfectly matching the requested load capacity, the handling areas as well as the shipping requirements.

Of course, a packaging expert does not only trust a software but also takes other aspects into account such as the following :​

  • Verification of your clients’ and freight transporters’ requirements

  • Identification of all the elements that could be optimized to reduce the costs

  • Design of a customized packaging solution

  • Analysis of production costs and of the type of materials to use

  • Manufacturing of the customized packaging (crates and/or pallets)

  • Management of requirements and validation of forms to complete

Why should your company choose a packaging consulting service ?

There are many advantages to using such a service for, thanks to his or her expertise, a packaging consultant is able to :

  • Select the appropriate materials to best fit your type of product and to lower the production costs. For example, it is useless to pay for a 3⁄4 inch plywood if a ⅜ inch one is enough for the merchandise you need to pack. This simple change of material will reduce the total load weight and thus reduce the shipping fees that are calculated according to the total weight of both product and package.

  • Avoid trial and error approach to design the best packaging solution to secure your merchandise.

  • Make a positive impression on your clients by showing a good image of your company thanks to the professionalism of the packaging solution. For example, imagine if you received a first shipment from a supplier and the packaging was almost destroyed and your product damaged. What would you think about this supplier ?

  • Know how to control humidity, reduce vibration and shocks to keep your goods in perfect conditions (impact, humidity and tilt indicators, corrosion inhibitor system, thermal insulation, etc.)

  • Have experience and expertise in packaging which guarantee an optimal design and a safe transport.

  • Design customized packaging solutions for your type of industry and the method of shipment you want.


To conclude, by using pallets or crates that best fit your product size can help you maximize your load capacities and then reduce your costs.

Our packaging specialists will be glad to answer your questions and to offer the ideal packaging solution designed for your needs and for the selected transport mode.


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