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Export packaging requirements

Wooden crates and pallets are the most economical export packaging option for many types of goods, especially heavy, fragile or large products.

Exportation requirements

However, all products that are exported must be packaged to meet specific requirements and regulations to avoid any issues or rejections when clearing customs.

For example, if your packaging or the materials that make up your packaging are not compliant, they can be refused at the border and even sent back to their point of origin. This can lead not only to delays, but also to additional costs, fines and sometimes even legal action.

Preparing for export shipment is therefore a crucial step in ensuring the safe and successful delivery of your products abroad.

What types of wooden crates or pallets are certified for export?

First of all, export packaging requirements vary according to the country of origin and destination, as well as the type of product being shipped and the mode of transport chosen.

Thus, for wooden packaging to be certified for export, it must be manufactured by an accredited company, inspected and approved by the competent authority. Therefore, it is mandatory to work with an accredited wood packaging manufacturer who can certify that they use ISPM15-compliant materials approved for export. This certification is a phytosanitary standard that guarantees that the packaging has been designed to comply with international export laws and requirements:

  • made with wood that comes from a certified source;

  • heat-treated (HT) according to the standard, to be pest-free;

  • manufactured and stored in a controlled environment;

  • stamped with the manufacturer's IPPC certification seal, which guarantees that the batch of wood used to manufacture the packaging is traceable in all circumstances, and that the packaging and/or blocking components comply with the standard.

In addition, the packaging must also be accompanied by all necessary documents, such as shipping forms, commercial invoices, certificates of origin, packing lists, export licenses, customs documents as well as declaration of hazardous materials when required.

How to recognize quality export packaging

To ensure a hassle-free and breakage-free export, it is essential to take other factors into consideration.

Here are the main elements to check when selecting your crates or pallets for export:

  1. Materials: Packaging must be made from quality materials that are sufficiently robust to protect the goods during transport, storage and handling. It must also be designed to withstand the climatic and environmental conditions encountered during transport.

  2. Size and weight: The size and weight of the packaging must be adapted to the size and shape of the goods to avoid damage during transport.

  3. Mode of transport: Different modes of transport (sea, air, rail, road) require different types of packaging. For example, air shipments may need to know the maximum dimensions accepted.

  4. Resistance and protection: Depending on the specifics of your goods, the packaging must protect your product from water, shocks, vibrations, humidity, dust and extreme temperatures.

  5. Regulatory compliance : Packaging must comply with safety standards and regulations in force in the country of destination.

In other words, it is important to choose the packaging according to your type of goods, the chosen mode of transport, and to comply with the relevant regulations.

To this end, it is strongly recommended that you consult packaging and shipping professionals for advice on the various requirements specific to exporting.

Custom crate and pallet design

The CPCQ team designs and manufactures custom crates and pallets according to the specifications of your merchandise, its weight, size and destination.

What's more, all our industrial packaging is ISPM-15 certified for export. CPCQ offers you the expertise you need to guarantee successful export by air, land or sea!

Request a consultation or quote for your wood export packaging needs today.

Would you like to speak with an expert? Call us at 1.888.687.6111

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